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We Give DEX Investors Full on-Chain Analytics and External Apps on Web3
We are thrilled to empower the new decentralized global economy built on blockchains, bringing innovative tools and transparent analytics with fast, reliable and efficient web3 apps at scale.
We want to work with the most talented developers, traders and analysts to enable the next generation of DeFi.


RaysX DEX Terminal

Full on-chain analytics and terminal for DEX trading with External Apps marketplace.

RaysX Protocol

Designed to connect External Apps to the DEX without knowledge of smart contracts and Web3.

Trade and Earn

Buy NFT use External Apps and Earn $RAX token.

RAX Crypto Rank

A ranking algorithm to build a fairer and fundamental rank.

$RAX Token

To drive innovation in DeFi 2.0 and build a self-sustaining economy.

RaysX Platform Architecture

Last modified 1yr ago